Windermere 2019

Windermere, boat docked

We had a fantastic day training with our friends at Paddlers for Life, at Windermere. We are joining forces with them to race at Dublin so decided a practice session would be useful. Four of us, Ann, Louise, Sue, and Alison, car shared our way up the M6 on a beautiful autumn day. We were given a warm welcome and soon we were on Lake Windermere paddling through the wash from the ferry boats, and enjoying the stunning scenery.

Windermere, Ann on drums

Ann was on drum so kept us focused on race starts and long fast runs. Jelly babies were passed down the boat for extra energy.

We had a picnic lunch and then another session.

A quick lunch at Windermere

It was great to see how other teams work together, how they store their kit, and how they manage their boats.

We took the opportunity to explore nearby Bowness whilst we there, enjoying afternoon tea in the lanes and walking round the market by the lake. It was a perfect day out, as well as having a good work out on the water.

More importantly we met up with our friends from Paddlers for Life and enjoyed their company.

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