How Can I Join?

Joining Pool of Life


The benefits of paddling a dragon boat are numerous. Not only are there physical benefits but social and emotional too. We train, race and meet socially and through meeting other breast cancer survivors, a special camaraderie forms. All breast cancer survivors (and their supporters) are welcome to paddle with Pool of Life. You need no previous experience and it doesn’t matter about your level of fitness, shape, size or age.

If you want us to come and talk to your breast cancer support group, just ask! See details on ‘Contact‘ page.


Not local to Liverpool?

You can use the BDA club finder.


Levels of Paddling Available

When you join Pool of Life it is your decision whether to race or just enjoy the gentler ‘pink paddle’ or ‘intermediate’ sessions for the social / exercise benefits. As a member, you will have the opportunity to take part in charity and other ‘fun’ events, in the UK and overseas. If you do decide to take part in ‘serious’ race events then you will also have the opportunity to take part in competitive racing at home and abroad…maybe even to represent GB on the European or World stage!


The Watersports Centre has a café where you can buy a hot drink and also changing facilities where you can shower and change into dry clothes.

Training Sessions

We recommend a minimum of three months of recovery after completion of your breast cancer treatment/therapy before paddling with us.

Please check with your medical advisors first if you have any concerns about starting to paddle with us. All paddlers must wear a buoyancy aid. A health and safety briefing will be given before your first time on the water. We suggest trying one of our gentle introductory ‘pink paddle’ sessions to start with.

See our Training & Events page for information on paddle sessions.

A typical training session consists of warm-up and stretching exercises on dry land.

Once we are warmed up we load the boat from the front with 2 paddlers per seat, usually 20 paddlers, a helm and a drummer. We will take you through a variety of technical exercises, short and long training runs, racing strategies etc. The sport of dragon boating uses some strange commands for instructing paddlers, so we will also explain these to you!

What do I need to wear?

See our FAQ section on ‘what should I wear’


All paddlers are required to pay a subscription fee of £5.00 per session attended (1st session is free). There is no need to buy specialist paddling gear as this will be provided at each session.

A £10 annual fee is payable on joining, and annually each January.

The Pool of Life membership form can be seen and printed with this .pdf document.


You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you for support.

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