Who’s Who at Pool of Life?



Pool of Life is a registered charity and, as such, is managed by a committee of trustees which is elected on an annual basis. All members are encouraged to get involved with the day to day organisation of Pool of Life activities and to suggest new activities to enrich our calendar of forthcoming events.

If anyone has any suggestions for appropriate activities which meet our aims and objectives, please contact us.

The current committee is made up of the following members:


   Chairperson: Carol Bannon

   Secretary: June Rice

   Treasurer: Susan Tennant

   Grant Coordinator: Sheila Greenwood

   Social Events Coordinator: Dawn Broderick-Weller and Dai Osborne

   Racing Events Coordinator: New Zealand: Helen Shead

   Training Session Coordinators: Carol Bannon, Peter Greenwood and   Heather Ambridge

   Recruitment, PR, and Presentation Coordinator: Kay Murphy

   Membership Coordinator: Louise Ackerley

   Kit Coordinators: Dai Osborne and Pam Aden

   Meet & Greet: Heather Ambridge


Coach and helm


We also have our own Pool of Life qualified coach and helm:

Peter Higgins:: Coach Level 2 (inc. helm)


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