The Undefeatable Dance Team: Ellie and friends Zoom along

The Team Undefeatable Dance Team

Missing social connections due to the Covid lockdowns? Wondering what to do about it? read on, as Ellie and friends turned to streamed Zoom meetings as one solution.


Undedeatable Dance Team Zoom welcome


The video is also available on youtube:



Please meet our Team Undefeatable dance team! For the last 10 weeks, this group, who all live with at least one health condition, have been meeting virtually to learn new dance skills at home and form new friendships. They show that amazing things can happen when you come together to move, even when you’re physically apart.
As we couldn’t put on a grand recital, we hosted a virtual performance for friends and family. Watch the team as they grow in confidence amongst all the hard work they’ve put in to get to this moment.

Feeling inspired? For advice and inspiration on ways to set up your own virtual team, and to download the dance programme, visit: Team Undefeatable Dance

{Above from the Facebook post for this dance team: }

The direct link to the video on Facebook is: The Team Undefeatable Dance Team

From the video:

For those living with long term health conditions, the pandemic has been especially challenging. Most of the activies I do are group activities. All those things stopped when the lockdown first happened. My activity levels have gone down a lot. Under normal circumstances we would all go and do Zumba together. I’ve really missed that social connection, physically seeing people.


To counter these challenges, we brought together a group interested in trying something new. Headed up by Inclusive Dance Teacher Katie Mason, not only did we new learn some new moves, but our confidence grew, and we made new friends. The team training is one of the highlights; it’s been really lovely to be able to connect to other people over a love of dance.


As restrictions tighten across the country, our team of inspiring women are unable to dance in person. so we surprised them with a special online performance to share with their friends and family.


It showed that it doesn’t matter what your disabilities or your abilities are. you can make it work and enjoy it. Being active isn’t just about keeping moving, it can alos be about having fun, staying in touch, or making new friends.


Undefeatable Dance Team Zoom group


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