Lockdown Poems by Caroline


Life and Lockdown have inspired me to write poems. I just kind of write about experiences of my own and of family and friends. Having the time with not going to work and also my family’s whatsapp group, have all been encouraging me to write more. I’m now back in work, but still trying to write at least one a week.
~ Caroline



Pool of Life

Pool of Life is a dragon boat team,
for men and women who love to dream.

We’ve all been touched by breast cancer, in one way or another.
Maybe it was you or your sister or your brother.

Being diagnosed with cancer, can be so hard, thats true.
But there are so many positive groups and experiences that are new.

If you only open your eyes, you’ll see what’s out there for you.
Finding your place upon the water, with people you never knew.

I love sitting in the boat, in my kit that’s mostly pink.
Looking around at all of you, it surely makes me think.

Feeling all kinds of weather on my face, it makes me feel alive.
It’s so much fun and it’s exercise too, it can only help you thrive.

On the first Sunday of the month,we take part in the Pink Paddle, where we visit Costa at the Albert Dock.
We all have a coffee and a chat, before you know it, it’s time to go as you look up at the clock!

We’re soon all clambering back, to sit inside the boat.
Our wonderful pink army, all ready to take a float.

I’ve abseiled to raise money, as a trip to Florence was planned.
Racing with women from around the world, the feeling was so grand.

It’s something I will never forget, precious memories I’ll always treasure.
I’m so proud to be part of Pool of Life, it brings me so much pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, sad things happen too, losing people along the way.
But cancer can also bring us closer together, to help brighten up our day.

So if you see me on the docks, I’ll have a smile upon my face,
because if I’m paddling with all of you, I’ll be in my happy place.




The people were on lockdown, our homes we had to stay.
There weren’t many people walking past or children out to play.

We found new crafts and things to do, just spending time together.
Trying not to show it, if we were at the end of our tether.

We messaged on whatsapp, facetime and spoke on the telephone.
Who knew how long it would last, we were lucky we weren’t alone.

The world became a kinder place, that was plain to see.
We tried out new recipes and made them for our tea.

The skies were so much clearer, the singing birds were loud.
But when we went out shopping, there always was a crowd.

Gloves and masks were worn and people stayed apart.
One thing was for certain the NHS was the beating heart.

We clapped out on our doorsteps every Thursday night,
waving at our neighbours and keeping our spirits bright.

We had so much to be thankful for in the Spring of 2020.
When the world it had a rest and kindness was a plenty. ❤ 🌈 ❤




Not only did I get cancer, I entered the menopause too, of that I was really sure.
How could this be happening, I was only forty four?

When I was younger and working with women of a certain age.
Never thought time would fly and I’d be at that stage!

You used to make me laugh with your face so bright and red.
Never thought I’d soon be in that place of utter dread.

Now I’m here and it’s no joke, I’m not laughing now,
because I’m too busy wiping the sweat from off my brow.

Is it me or is it worse when you get in bed?
Kicking off the covers, turning the pillow to cool your head.

And as for my sex drive, well I think it drove away,
either that or it’s saving itself for another rainy day!

Huffing and puffing, memory loss, growing hair where it never used to be!
Mood swings, weight gain, headaches and don’t mention the bone pain, feel like I’m 93.

What treatments are available, because we can’t have HRT ?
Just the usual advice, exercise more often, well that just makes pee.
Eat healthy, cut out coffee and make sure you’re alcohol free.

I don’t think that’s going to happen, sorry to waste your time.
This menopause I’ve read about can be a long, hard road to climb.

So I’ll carry on as normal and take my own advice.
And when I’m really, really hot, I’ll drink vodka with extra ice. ? ?

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