Pool of Life Skydive fundraising

Skydiving Fund-raiser for Pool of Life

22nd September 2018, Flookburgh.

On a sunny Saturday morning, to help raise funds for Pool of life, our lovely supporter Dawn took to the skies for a Tandem Skydive at Skydive Northwest, Flookburgh.

When asked why she decided to do this, Dawn said she had always wanted to do one, but that the older she got, especially having children, the more afraid she was. Anders, her son, wanted it for a Christmas gift, and he kept teasing her that she would never do it and, as she says, I couldn’t resist proving him wrong.

Dawn, who self-funded the dive, said that to say she felt ‘scared stiff’ was an understatement, yet despite such trepidations, after a 20 minute briefing off she went!

Once back on the ground, when asked how she felt, she replied, “Amazing!”

Thank you Dawn, and a special thanks to your family and friends who donated. The parachute jump raised £250 for our charity, with the money from the event helping towards essential kit for our members.

PAC 750 XL Skyjump aircraft, landing

Dawn beside skyjump plane

Dawn parachuting down with skyjump instructor

Dawn landing down with skyjump instructor

Dawn back on the ground, in skyjump parachute harness





According to their website, “Skydive Northwest – also known as the North West Parachute Centre – is one of the longest established skydiving and parachuting centres in Europe”.

They also have a page specifically for doing charity skydives, with, I would say, sensible conditions, including:

  • Raising a minimum of £395 in sponsorship (a portion of which can go towards your skydive.)
  • £50.00 non-refundable deposit to book.
  • £180.00 balance to Skydive Northwest Ltd on the day of the skydive
  • £165.00 minimum goes to your chosen charity.
  • (There is a self fund method with different conditions).

Note that jumps are subject to medical approval.

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