BDA National Championships, 2022

BDA National Championships, Nottingham, October 2022

On Saturday, October 1st 2022 two Pool of Life ladies joined Amathus at the BDA National Championships in Nottingham. It was an early start from home (alarm clocks set for 4 am!) but a very enjoyable day with a fantastic atmosphere and camaraderie amongst all teams and supporters.

They competed in the women’s 200-metre race alongside ten other teams; Amathus achieved 3rd place which was very good considering the ladies had not all paddled together as a team before.

(Amathus trains at Liverpool water sports centre on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each week with members choosing the most convenient day/days to attend.)


BDA Nottingham, 2022 1 of 2
BDA Nottingham, 2022 1 of 2
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